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The Many Uses of Mesh Panels

The Many Uses of Mesh Panels

Mesh panels are everywhere and used in a variety of industries, services and sectors. Mesh is extremely versatile and has a huge range of uses and applications.


Mesh panels are made from a range of material. They can be made from various types of metals, plastic and wood. For manufacturing and industrial facilities, mesh panels are constructed from sturdy steel or metal and can be treated with a hot dip galvanised finish which makes them resilient and more durable. The lighter the material, the easier they are for transportation and handling, whereas more permanent fixtures such as partitioning will be constructed from heavier materials.

The closer the layout of wire in the mesh panel, i.e. 25mm x 25mm, the stronger the structure and the less that can be passed through it. This is typically seen used for small parts storage and also storage cages for chemicals and other hazardous substances or higher valuable small items.


Mesh panels are utilised in a huge range of applications, industries and sectors. They are particularly useful in warehouses, factories and logistical centres because they are installed to store goods and can be made into custom mesh cages for bespoke requirements. Panels are used as security cages and provide an effective secure storage solution for goods, valuable stock and also hazardous substances. By law, hazardous chemicals and gases are required to be stored in secure gas cages in the workplace. Mesh panels are also ideal to prevent unauthorised access into restricted areas with equipment and machinery and in high voltage areas. Mesh panels are also used in areas where there is a hot environment as the air can be circulated and pass through the mesh more easily, such as an IT server or equipment area. Mesh panels can be custom-made and fitted and provide a ceiling to floor barrier and also be combined with solid panels and doors.

Safety use

Another important use for mesh panels is for safety. Mesh panelling is used as bespoke machine guarding and is designed for environments that need a high level of safety and protection from dangerous machines and moving parts. Mesh panels can be fitted together to create guarded enclosures and in modules where appropriate or made to measure in width and height.


Mesh panels are also widely used as barrier fencing and because they can be easily transported and fixed anywhere are ideal for securing temporary locations on building sites and at events. They are also used for pet and animal enclosures and as site fencing to create a solid and stable perimeter fence.


Mesh panels make excellent partitioning for areas in industrial, warehouse and commercial premises. Partitioning is a cost-effective way of making more use of precious and costly floor space. Partitioning is flexible because it can be used as a single run, two or three sided partitioning and four sided combined with a roof for enclosures and mesh cages.

The beauty of mesh partitioning means that it can be easily designed to fit in with existing walls, rooms, corridors and structures to create additional space, storage and safety solutions. To make partitioned areas more secure, specific locking systems such as cylinder and push pad locks can be added. We stock a modular system mesh partitioning that can be tailored to any size and is in stock for immediate delivery. More on our mesh partitioning here.