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Chrome Wire Shelving - From £92 inc. VAT & Delivery

At IDH Direct, our range of Chrome wire shelving and accessories are designed to suit a variety of scenarios. Chrome racking is most commonly used for storage. The racking is robust and lightweight, which makes it ideal for use in kitchens, shops and offices.

Shelves are detachable and can be moved up and down and paired with our range of accessories to create a product that is completely customised to your needs.

Features & Advantages:

  • • Lightweight and adaptable
  • • Versatile chrome finish
  • • Comes with a range of attachable accessories
  • • Strong and rugged
  • • Easy assembly

What Kind of Shelving Do I Need?

Buying shelving for the workplace requires a little thought into what you’re intending to store on them. The wrong shelving can cause damage to property and can even be a hazard to those working with and around it.

To make things easier we have created a shelving guide to help you determine what weight capacity each group is capable of holding.

Light Capacity Shelving – Useful for Offices, Stockrooms & Small Industrial Areas

Light capacity shelving systems such as our chrome wire shelving are perfect for offices and stockrooms where only lighter weight items are stored.

Our chrome shelving products are capable of holding a potential weight of up to 300kg per level. Which means that this type of shelving is ideal for paperwork, folders and small tools. We even offer a great range of accessories to fit shelving to the wall or even turn static chrome shelving units into portable trolleys.

It’s important not to overload the shelving; it is simply not manufactured to hold anything above the stated weight. This can become more than just a minor inconvenience and can potentially cause damage and injuries – particularly in a professional setting.

Medium Duty Shelving – Useful for Garages, Warehouses & Medium Sized Industrial Operations

Medium duty shelving such as our wide medium rivet shelving system is also designed to hold up to 300kg per level (depending on UDL). However, this kind of shelving is much larger and is ideally designed for storage in warehouse environments and garages.

At IDH Direct, we know that our customers work in such a wide range of environments and this is why we provide medium duty shelving in different heights and different depths, so you are able to choose the right fit for you and your business. 

Heavy Duty Shelving – Useful for Factory Floors, Warehouses & Large Industrial Operations

Heavy duty shelving, as you can imagine, is for large items and can hold up to 600kg per level, which makes this type of shelving system the go-to option for those operating factory floors, warehouses and large-scale operations in the industrial sector.

Heavy duty shelving is most commonly used in conjunction with lifting and stacking equipment, such as forklifts, as the components stored within them are far too heavy for people to move.

Our units are boltless constructions and only requires a rubber mallet to slot everything together.

If you have any further questions about our shelving systems, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly team.

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