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Finding The Right Workplace Storage

Finding The Right Workplace Storage

Finding the right workplace storage can be difficult with many options out there to store all of your equipment. However, it is very important that you have sufficient storage systems at your premises so you can store all of your products where they can be accessed and retrieved as efficiently as possible. Along with making your storage methods transparent, it is vital that you have considered the safety of your employees when choosing the storage equipment for your business. So, in this article, we will talk you through finding the right workplace storage systems for your company with both operating methods and safety in mind so you can get the most out of your storage equipment.

Deciding What Type of Storage Your Workplace Needs

When trying to find the ideal storage equipment and products for your workplace you need to consider the needs of your workspace and the type of products that you are storing. A warehouse will require greater storage such as pallet racking for those that operate with palletised goods, whereas those working with files and reports will find archive racking more suitable such as offices. When it comes to warehouses you will need to follow HSE guidelines with your storage facilities and equipment to ensure that everything you use is safe and secure to avoid any unnecessary accidents.  The HSE warehousing and storage guide provides all of the safe methods to use shelving and racking systems, and what is required to ensure that your employees can use them without any problems. Using the right storage systems can be a great help in minimising your retrieval time, maximising workspace and also allows you to store everything safely and securely. So, when planning out the storage systems needed for your facility you should ensure that you have considered what will be the best fit for your workforce to operate efficiently and in a safe manner.


The Most Popular Storage Systems

In warehouses and factories, shelving and racking systems are very popular for storing large amounts of products and equipment. Depending on the industry you operate within you will have different storage needs, so we have put together a list of the most popular and recommended storage systems that are suitable for a variety of businesses. There are many different types of shelving and racking systems available, which suit different requirements and uses. When it comes to choosing the right type of storage systems for your workplace you will need to consider what you are storing and where you will be storing it. Below is our guide to help you select the best storage option to fit your business’s needs and requirements.

Pallet racking in warehouse

Racking Systems

Archive racking – Archive racking is very effective in storing away files, documents and records in boxes or binders. This type of racking is built for heavy-duty holding, so the racking doesn’t need wall support, meaning you can access stored items from both sides of the storage system. So, if you are storing essential documents, accounts, legal files or records this type of racking will be ideal for you. Archive racking can be easily assembled and taken down, so if you move to a new premises this will be simple to dismantle and take with you. If you are looking for a storage system to hold all of your files and documents which can be accessed easily, archive racking will be perfect for your workplace.

Cantilever racking – Cantilever racking will provide with the perfect solution in storing elongated items. Storing these type of items is often a challenge as they can be awkward to store. This type of racking is most commonly used for the storage of pipes, timber and those items that are of longer lengths and widths. As this racking is modular it can be configured to meet your exact requirements, so you can add to the storage system or reconfigure the setup in future. So, if you work on an industrial site or workplace using tubes, bars, structural steel or timber these storage systems will be ideal for you.

Pallet racking – Pallet racking is ideal for warehouses that have large stock amounts. These storage systems come without shelves so pallets can rest across the beams, making them the ultimate option for the storage of palletised items. However, with pallet racking, you will need to have access to forklifts or stackers in order to manoeuvre pallets to and from your racking. Pallet racking comes in many height, width and depth options, so whether you have a large warehouse or a smaller industrial site, if you are storing products in pallets, pallet racking will be the best storage option for your business.

Heavy duty shelving in warehouse facility

Shelving Systems

Galvanised shelving – If you operate in damp environments, galvanised shelving will be ideal for your workplace. Suitable for industrial, automotive, retail and manufacturing environments, galvanised shelving offers safe and secure storage as a great alternative to chipboard shelves. As well as being the perfect storage solution in damp and humid areas, these shelving units come in heavy duty and medium duty options to hold large amounts of stock. This type of shelving is highly versatile and is great for a wide variety of uses. Depending on your industry there is alternative steel shelving suitable for your business, such as stainless steel ideal in food environments and chrome wire shelving, which is perfect for display purposes. So, if you are in need of storage systems with easy access, steel store shelving will be the right option for your workplace.

Heavy-duty shelving – Heavy duty shelving is suitable for warehouse storage, as it has a higher load capacity per shelf than regular store shelving such as galvanised steel and stainless steel shelving. When purchasing heavy duty shelving, you may receive storage containers along with your shelving or dividers allowing you to divide up the products you store, making them very practical. As this storage system comes with shelving it allows you to store boxes and other items whereas pallet racking will only store palletised products. Most heavy-duty shelving comes in boltless designs, so they are very easy to build and dismantle, offering a quick and sufficient storage solution. Similar to archive racking as heavy-duty shelving can be dismantled if you need to move the shelves around your workplace or to a new premises, this will be simple to complete. So, if you need shelf storage with higher loading capacities, heavy-duty shelving will be the best option for your business.


 Now we have gone through our most popular storage systems, it is time for you to search for the right workplace storage for your workspace. If you are looking to find the ideal storage systems for your business, browse through our exceptional range of shelving & racking now for storage equipment that will meet all of your requirements. If you have any questions regarding our storage products feel free to contact us today to discuss our shelving and racking systems with one of our team.