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Heavy Duty Shelving - From £77 inc. VAT & Delivery

The heavy duty shelving we stock here at IDH Direct is incredibly easy to assemble and is strong enough to store heavy industrial items.

This kind of shelving is absolutely perfect for warehouses and industrial settings and is especially good for tucking away heavy and bulky items that aren’t safe or suitable to be stored out in the open in workshops, warehouses and retail stockrooms.

Features & Advantages:

  • • Simple to assemble
  • • Heavy shelf loading capacity
  • • Affordable & portable.
  • • Strong beams, supports and uprights.
  • • Quality finish to blend in to any environment.
    • Our heavy duty shelving units and accessories are priced from only £77 inc. and we also offer free UK delivery.

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What Sort of Industrial Shelving Do I Need for My Business?

Purchasing shelving for your workplace can be potentially dangerous if you’ve not chosen the correct shelving for the items you intend to store upon them. Shelving will buckle and break if you do not observe the weight limits that are associated with the shelving system.

To make things easier we have created a shelving guide to help you determine what weight capacity each group is capable of holding.

Light Duty Shelving

Light storage shelving, such as our range of j rivet shelving products are ideal for offices and small stockrooms.

Our chrome shelving products are robust, lightweight and capable of storing weights of up to 300kg on each shelf. This makes these systems perfect for storing paperwork, folders and smaller tools. Our range is adaptable in order to suit the way your company operates.

Medium Duty Shelving

Our range of medium duty shelving is also designed to carry a weight of up to 300kg. However, because the units are much larger than the light-duty products, they are able to store much more and are often used in warehouses and garages.

We know that each of our customers all works in different ways and as such we stock medium duty shelving available in different heights and depths, so you can be sure to find a product that suits the way that your business operates.

Heavy Duty Shelving

Heavy duty shelving is designed to take weights of up to 600kg on each level. These systems are often used as storage on factory floors, warehouses and large-scale industrial operations.

This kind of shelving is often used alongside lifting and stacking machinery, as the items stored on the shelf are often far too big and heavy for just a single person to move.

Our units are boltless structures, which means only a rubber mallet is necessary to slot all of the pieces together.

It’s very unsafe to overload shelving units, they are manufactured to take only certain weights and exceeding these instructions can be a potentially fatal accident waiting to happen.

So, if you have any further questions about our shelving systems, don’t hesitate to contact our helpful and friendly team.

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