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Storing Hazardous Substances and Secure Storage

Storing Hazardous Substances and Secure Storage

Hazardous substance cupboards provide highly secure solutions for businesses and industries that store hazardous and dangerous substances on their premises. By law, all hazardous substances need to be securely stored and locked away to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries to staff. Gas cages that are used for gas bottle storage are subject to the high health and safety standards that are required for the safe storage of hazardous substances. Similarly, metal and wire cages are used for containing and guarding hazardous chemicals. Hazardous and harmful waste can also be stored using secure large cages until the waste is responsibly disposed of. We provide a rang of gas bottle storage cages here.

Whether hazardous substances need to be stored inside or outside, there are a range of suitable mesh cages available. Galvanised metal security cages can be used externally as well as for sturdy storage internally, and powder coated cages can be used internally. There are also specialist hazardous substances storage cupboards that are heavy duty and high quality to meet standards and regulations. You can see our range of hazardous substance cupboards here.

Storing Equipment and Tools

Many businesses will use and store their tools and equipment on-site. Tools will be of a high value and also attractive to thieves. A business without equipment and tools will be hampered and reordering and replacing tools come at an additional cost. Steel mesh security cages are ideal for keeping equipment and tools safe and secure as well as steel storage vaults that can be used on-site and in vehicles. We also stock heavy duty van and site security storage vaults to keep tools and equipment safe.

Bespoke cages

Bespoke cages can be custom-made to a business’s exact specification. Custom cages can be designed to fit all types of areas and spaces and to include additional features such as shelving to maximise secure storage space and different sizes and heights according to the space that is available.

Folding and Collapsible Cages

Cages are really versatile and they can also come in highly mobile forms. If a business requires a storage cage that they can transport from place to place, folding and collapsible cages are available that can be assembled in a matter of minutes. Folding cages are also ideal where there isn’t much storage capacity as they can be put flat and stored away when not in use. Take a look at our folding cages here.