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Types of Mesh Cages

Types of Mesh Cages

Constructed from galvanised panels mesh cages are designed to protect machinery and products or storage from damage in either an external or internal area. They can have floors and roofs and are easy to assemble.

Use of mesh cages

Mesh cages are used in a number of ways. They can be used in retail and warehouse environments to secure and lock away items of value and they act as a strong deterrent against theft and vandalism as they are extremely hard to access and break into. They are also excellent for the storage of tools and equipment and will keep equipment secure from theft and unauthorised usage. They can also be used to control and restrict access to goods, equipment, tools and hazardous substances. Take a look at our range of mesh cages that we have available.

Gas bottle storage cages

Mesh cages are also widely used to store and secure hazardous substances as well as for gas bottle storage and gas cylinder storage because they provide a lockable and secure solution. Mesh cages will adhere to the strict storage and access regulations for hazardous substances and gas bottle storage. By law, all hazardous and flammable substances need to be securely stored to prevent the risk of accidents and injuries. Gas cages that are used for gas bottle storage are subject to high health and safety standards that are required for the safe storage of hazardous substances. We stock a range of gas bottle storage cages here and also solid gas cylinder cabinets here. We also stock mobile gas cylinder cagesthat enable the safe movement and storage of gas bottles.

Whether hazardous substances need to be stored inside or outside, there will be a range of suitable mesh cages available. Galvanised metal security cages can be used externally as well as for sturdy storage internally, and powder coated cages can be used internally.

Secure and adaptable

Mesh cages also provide high visibility and ventilated secure storage and can be used on internal or external sites. A galvanised steel cage should be used for external sites as it has better protection against weather and damp conditions. Galvanised security mesh cages can also be used internally as well as powder coated mesh cages. Roofs are added onto the mesh cages to create a totally enclosed space.

They are available in a range of size options, and can also be made bespoke to requirements. Mesh custom cages are made from a modular mesh panel system which is bespoke designed with a choice of mesh panels, doors, locking and securing systems, with and without floors and roofs and to varying heights, depths and widths. Roofs can also be solid as well as mesh. Shelving can also be added to maximise storage space and organisation of goods and equipment. A modular mesh cage system can be added to and is therefore easy to extend when required to provide additional secure areas.

All mesh cages will come with a secure locking system so that they can be fully secured and locked with padlocks, cylinder locks and additional mechanical keypad locks that need a code for entry can be an additional security layer.

Folding and collapsible cages

Folding and collapsible cages are also available to save on space and transport easily from one location to another. If a business requires a secure storage cage that can be transported around there are collapsible cages and folding cages that can be assembled quickly and simply. Where space is at a premium, folding cages are also ideal for areas with limited space and storage capacity as they can be folded flat and stored away when not in use. During relocation, folding and collapsible cages are also easy to transport. We stock folding cages here.

Mobile mesh cages

Mobile mesh cages with additional shelving are also available to enable the easy transit of high value equipment and goods securely from one location to another.

Take a look at our range of mesh cages that we have in stock for immediate delivery for many uses.