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How to Use Mesh Partitioning Effectively For your Business

How to Use Mesh Partitioning Effectively For your Business

Partitioning is probably something that doesn’t spring to mind when you want to utilise your commercial premises in an enhanced way. However partitioning can provide a cost-effective option for you to provide additional sections of space and even additional rooms in your factory, warehouse and working spaces. Partitions are also a great way to leverage further storage areas from existing commercial space.

Benefits of Partitioning

Mesh partitioning provides a cost-effective solution to utilise your business space. After all you pay for your commercial premises,  why not make the most out of the space you pay for. It also gives a simple solution to secure products, dangerous machinery and anything that is hazardous such as gas cylinders.

Installing mesh partitioning is simple and straight-forward. You don’t need to build additional walls or rooms as partitioning can be erected easily and with minimum fuss. You can also make better use of your space by dividing it into key work areas depending on what your business requires. You can add a quiet working area in a warehouse or factory, or sub-divide areas to create extra rooms or offices. You can also create specific storage areas that are secure and can be locked which adds more security for your products and stock.

Mesh Partitioning

Mesh partitioning is an easy solution to dividing up existing space and can be fitted around existing installations such as machinery or warehouse structure. It is available in various heights and made of solid steel which is robust and sturdy and can be easily fitted together in a modular system which adapts to any size area.

Mesh partitioning has a number of uses and is used to create strong and secure enclosures and partitions to restrict and regulate access to machinery and hazardous substances, and also in data and server room storage areas. Mesh panels are hinged or sliding door types and are also available as roof panels so that an area can be fully enclosed with a mesh panel roof. Mesh partitions allow air flow circulation which is ideal in hot machinery, data storage and server areas and rooms.

Mesh partitioning is also less permanent and costly than building permanent walls and can be simply rearranged or deconstructed when required. This type of partitioning also allows visibility through the panels which helps when observing machines or servers and can be used in conjunction with solid steel panels which restricts viewing of areas.

Mesh panelling can be fitted with a range of secure lock options to create extra secure spaces. They can be fitted with cylinder locks, mechanical push button locks, hasps for padlocking and for emergency exits with push bar and push pad options.

Designing your partitioning

When fitting out your commercial area with partitioning, ensure that you provide your measurements and get a Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) drawing that will comprehensively and professionally scope the measurement and specifications for your partitioned area in situ with its location.   It should detail all the measurements, height, width, length, structure, composition and any additional elements such as hinges and locks. When seeing a CAD drawing it becomes more visual and is also easier to design in additional elements or specifications.

We provide mesh partitioning which can be adapted to any size and a nationwide survey and installation service. Find out more about our mesh partitioning.