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How to Store Awkwardly Shaped Items in Your Warehouse

How to Store Awkwardly Shaped Items in Your Warehouse

As anyone that works in logistics or a warehouse will testify, some things are harder to store than others.

Whether its white goods or industrial provisions or anything you can possibly think of that could fall in between, you’ll come across all manner of heavy, oddly shaped and weirdly sized objects – or a somewhat awkward combination of all three.

Whenever an item of unusual proportions crosses your path, it can be very tempting to leave it well alone and dread the day you must come back to it and move it into storage.

However, in this blog, we’re hoping to take away the pain by outlining some of the more common awkwardly shaped items found in warehouses and which storage solutions are equipped to store the items safely.

Item 1: Piping


Piping of any kind is long, ungainly and difficult to move, especially when you’ve got a large batch of it. If your warehouse stores plumbing equipment or industrial tubing, then why not invest in cantilever racking?

This racking is ideal in this scenario as you can rest unconventionally shaped items along the length of the struts to ensure they’re out of the way and securely stored.

Solution: Cantilever Racking

Item 2: Drums  

Many warehouses store drums with materials and liquids of all kinds, and by definition they can be quite difficult to store as stacking them isn’t option – especially if they contain potentially harmful substances.

Drum storage racks and containers will store drums securely and safely, with some options giving users the added functionality of a safe stacking shelf which can be put under lock and key.

Solution: Drum Storage Containers

Item 3: White Goods

White goods

The bigger the item, the harder it is to move and store. If you’ve worked in a warehouse for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve had to deal with washing machines, dishwaters, fridges and dryers, amongst others.

You’ll need a forklift to move these items, which means they’re not easy to transport, so keeping them high up and out of the way is the best place for them. This is when pallet racking comes in handy.

Pallet racking can hold considerable weight, and so long as you store your items correctly, you won’t need to stack things on top of each other, which means they’ll be easy to retrieve with the help of your forklift.

Solution: Pallet Racking

Item 4: Archive Material


Many industries are required by law to retain certain records for a set period. For example, you’re expected to archive all traded goods documents that have been declared to HMRC for four years in case your company’s finances ever come under scrutiny.

While digital backups are often made, many companies wish to store hard copies of the documents and keeping a log of purchases, sales, tax returns and the like can create quite a bulky load to store away.

Using archive racking and boxes makes storage and document location much more manageable – in fact, the hardest part will be sorting the documents into each box in the first place.

Solution: Archive Racking & Boxes

Item Five: Dangerous Substances

Dangerous goods

Not all awkward to store items are huge, bulky and hard to move. Many warehouses store hazardous substances which need to be stored properly to avoid spillage which could injure workers and damage property.

Using hazardous substance cupboards means that you’ll be able to stow away all those corrosive materials and lock them away to prevent spillages and to reduce potential harm coming to those who work around and near the elements.

Solution: Hazardous Substance Cupboards 

The warehouse is a busy and lively environment. The moving and storing of bulky, awkward and oddly shaped items may seem like a pain, but it’s incredibly important that you use appropriate storage to keep things out of the way.

Incorrect storage procedures are amongst the most common causes of injuries and fatalities in an industrial setting, so you can see why getting storage right the first time of asking is so valuable.

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