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How Shelving Can Help Your Business

Shelving is something that we can all take for granted. However shelving and racking can really help a business reduce costs and make more profit.

Shelving and racking used for warehouses, businesses, commercial organisations and industrial usage will help maximise the space that is available. If you think about it, space is paid for as an overhead and comes at a premium for industries and businesses, especially for warehousing and logistical businesses that make profits from the space that they utilise.

For storage warehouses and warehouse inventories and stocks, warehouse shelving is business-critical to get right and needs to be the correct type of shelving to help locate stock and make it efficient and easy to rotate and keep the stock.

Shelving can be provided for a range of levels, heights, depths, widths and lengths for easy location and visibility of stock. Wire shelving will offer increased levels of air circulation to avoid dampness and mould forming and also help improved visibility of stock. When there are stacks of shelves containing inventory and products to locate, it is essential to have a shelving system that allows seamless logistics and assist the finding of products at speed as this will save costs in the long term.

Industrial heavy duty racking and shelving is required to store heavier goods and stock such as metal, pallets and building materials for instance. Specially adapted industrial shelving is available to reinforce and strengthen shelving for heavier loads. We have a large range of size options.

The amount of weight must be taken into account when choosing the correct shelving and racking, as every shelf unit will have a maximum weight bearing load. The amount of capacity should also be considered.

Shelving will come in self-assembly units and also shelving units can be assembled and installed as part of a service where there is a lot of racking and shelving to be. Shelves should be equipped with the right kit for assembly and installation including bolts, screws, clips and braces where required.

We stock a wide range of shelving and racking products. Our extensive range of shelving includes chrome wire, Clicka, J Rivet, Z Rivet, heavy duty, galvanised and metal shelving in a range of sizes. Our range of racking includes pallet racking, cantilever, vertical and long span racking and archive racking. We also offer a range of storage containers here that can be used in conjunction with our shelving and racking.